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Ordinary people doing the extraordinary!

Running the 89-odd kilometres between Pietermaritzburg and Durban is no simple feat, yet every year thousands of runners take up the challenge to run “The Ultimate Human Race”. This year, the Comrades Marathon celebrates its 98th run, and for almost 15 years Bonitas Medical Fund has been a fundamental part of this story. We salute the time, patience, effort and pure commitment it takes to prepare and take part in a race as difficult as this one. That’s why we are not only just a main sponsor for the event but we also get directly involved in preparing runners. We are with them every step of the way.

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Training and nutrition go hand in hand when it comes to getting ready...


Running places a lot of strain on your muscles and bones and over time...


Hydration has a direct effect on a runner’s endurance and ability...


In many scenarios, practice makes perfect, but when it comes to running...


To improve as a runner you need to focus on many things including...

Sports Massage Therapy

Getting ready for a challenging event such as...

Get on the Bonitas Bus and meet your goal

We’ve partnered with the top pace-setters to help runners meet their goals and get to the Finish!


Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy
Paul voluntarily decided to keep pacesetting going in the Western Cape when the magazine that originally started the initiative stopped its regular pacesetting service.

Mindlo Mdhluli
Mindlo Mdhluli
Mindlo’s passion for pacesetting started early in his running career out of his own reliance on buses to finish races. It was only a matter of time before he had the courage to start driving his own buses.

Buks van Heerden
Buks van Heerden
In addition, to being pacesetting co-ordinator in Gauteng and overseeing several other regions, Buks helps to co-ordinate the official Comrades Marathon Pacesetters in conjunction with Modern Athlete magazine.

Bonitas and Comrades: a proudly South African partnership

As the medical aid for all South Africans and an iconic South African race, Bonitas and the Comrades are the perfect fit. Bonitas sponsors a range of elements that support runners before, during and after the race. This includes the Novice and Women’s Seminars as well as the Comrades Roadshows that offer expert advice on everything from the right training to the ideal diet to help runners through to the finish line. We are present along the route – from the Bonitas Start to the Bonitas Finish!